Do I need to have a background or a degree in education?
Absolutely not!  All you need is a servant's sprit and a willing heart! We will train you how to use a basic sight word list.  We welcome any volunteers over 18 years of age.

What are Foundational Words?
Foundational Words are called 'Sight' Words.  The list we use are 1000 words that educator, Edward Fry, determined a reader must RECOGNIZE and understand ON SIGHT.  Fry words are divided into levels of 100 words, and these levels are roughly equal to grade levels.  To show how important these words are, the first 300 words on the list represent about 67% of all the words students will encounter in their reading. It also is the benchmark goal to get all the students to that level by 3rd grade.

Why focus on Fry words?
The National Institute for Literacy states, 'having a bank of sight words releases a reader's attention needed for comprehension and for figuring out more difficult and less frequent words.' In other words, more brain cells are freed up for other aspects of reading.

What about phonics?
Our coaches do not use phonics.  TEAMRead strives to assist the classroom teacher by teaching the children to memorize the Fry words.  Studies show that second graders who received one-on-one coaching gained nearly twice as many foundational words in a year as students who received no coaching.  The TEAMRead program is approved by the Jackson Madison County School Board.

Do you need lots of volunteers to make this work?
One volunteer coach can help two students.  Start there.  It can start with YOU! 

Why focus on Second-Graders?
The second grade is the last year a student receives focussed attention on learning how to read.  K-2nd grades students 'learn-to-read.'  3rd grade on they are expected to 'read-to-learn.'

What is the difference between ARISE2Read and TEAMRead?
ARISE2Read is the 'parent' organization.  TEAMRead is the label used in the classrooms.

How much times does it take?
Volunteer coaches give one-hour-once-a-week from approximately mid-September to mid-April.  We follow the JMCSS calendar, which includes holidays, testing days, and field trips.

What is the most essential element for TEAMRead?
The most essential element is finding faithful, committed, and FLEXIBLE volunteer coaches.

How many students does one coach have?
A coach will have two students every hour, one at a time. That's 30 minutes each, although by the time you get set up, it's 20-23 minutes per child. And the time goes by fast!

​What does a typical routine look like for TEAMRead volunteer coaches?
It typically looks like this:  you, the coach, arrive 15 mintues before his/her scheduled time. First you check in at the school office, then locate our coaching area, and pull your materials (coaches box + file folders of your two students).  Then at the scheduled time, the Room Captain will bring the first 'batch' of students.  When the time is finished, the Room Captain will take the first group back to their classrooms and bring the second group.  Then hit 'replay' next week.

I'm ready to get involved. How do I start?
Register online, submit a background check and get trained.

How long does the TEAMRead training last?
One hour of your time!

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