We have a problem

Many children in poverty are doomed for failure because they lack an effective support system to teach them how to read.  2 out 3 children who cannot read by 4th grade will either end up on welfare or in prison.  In Jackson TN, only 22% of 3rd-5th graders are reading on grade level.* 


Here's how we work to help solve the problem

We connect adult volunteers from our community who meet weekly with students one-on-one at their schools during school hours to work on sight word fluency.

Be a part of the solution

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Your contributions will help us change students' lives

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How does it work?

What's at stake

Generational illiteracy will continue

Crime will rise

Welfare will multiply

Businesses will not re-locate to Jackson

Our schools will continue to struggle

We will miss an opportunity to change a person's life's trajectory

Success is happening

Last year's results


At the end of the 2017-18 school year,
the students who were coached once a week showed an average of  251% increase in sight word recognition.
The students who were coached twice a week,
​showed 262% increase in sight word recognition.

Why it works


Both reading fluency and comprehension increase when students readily recognize frequently used words on sight.
​By targeting one area of growth (sight word recognition), 

students will show improvement in all three areas!

It's so simple

ARISE2Read is safe

It's done at school, during school hours, under the supervision of school staff

ARISE2Read is a short-term investment

One hour of your week for one school year has a lifelong impact on your student (and on you)

ARISE2Read is low cost

ARISE2Read is 98% volunteer-driven by 380+ amazingly dedicated caring individuals

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How does it work?


Thank you

Whether you help through monetary or book donations, volunteering your time, or spreading this mission through word-of-mouth, thank you. Because of you, 

we can save a child

save a family

​save a city

one word at a time.